SHARP’s Reimmugen Cow colostrum helps to

·         Improve immunity to protect from viral attacks;

·         Helps recover early from diseases: protects from infections after injury or surgery.

·         Hyper immune diseases like allergies; arthritis; cancer.

·         Ideal to reduce burden of diabetes, atherosclerosis, MND, heart attack, stroke.

·         Good protection in cases like HIV.

We can prevent expensive treatment on disease, untimely deaths and enjoy healthy, functional life with SHARP’s Suved & Reimmugen.



·         In 80 % cases show positive response and improvements in conventional investigations recorded as:

o   IMPROVED Ejection fraction; Stroke volume; Myocardial perfusion; Endothelial function.

o   Complete restoration of Myocardial Perfusion is noted in few cases on Stress Thallium Scans.

o   Correction of Diastolic dysfunction.

o   Soft thrombus / clots dissolved.

o   Regeneration of collateral circulation.

o   Reduced & balanced levels of Lipid profile.

o   Arterial compliance improved.

o   Symptomatic relief of Chest Pain, Heaviness in chest, Breathlessness.

o   Improved Walking stamina, Overall energy, Vigor, Vitality, Functional stability.