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Modern medicine offers invasive, interventional treatments like angioplasty, bypass, stent. Along with these, lifelong medication is prescribed.  In spite of these modern treatment methods, many patients continue to suffer, or symptoms of different intensities resurface in near future.

In a normal family, the earning member is the pillar of support. Invariably, when this sole earning member suffers from heart disease, the entire family suffers financially as well as morally. Treatment and investigations by modern systems is highly expensive and a great burden on the common man.

SHARP-SUVED treats the ROOT cause of the disease and in more than 80% patients, positive symptomatic results are seen within 3 to 5 months. Patients are able to live comfortable, functionally stable lives. Medical investigations have proved the positive progress in such patients to support symptomatic relief.

SHARP SUVED treatment given to different patients has shown positive results in more than one way. Medical records and research into the treatment have proved SHARP-SUVED treats the root cause of disease. Patient's response has been positive, health has improved overall, in addition to heart health and performance.

Persons who will benefit from this medically proved excellent SHARP SUVED treatment option:

ü  Persons with family history of heart disease.

ü  Patients of high BP, Diabetes.

ü  Patients of cholesterol imbalances and increase.

ü  Obese persons and those with high BMI ratio.

ü  Persons with increase in Homocystine levels.

ü  Persons addicted or accustomed to regular consumption of tobacco, smoking, alcohol increasing risk.

ü  Mental stress, high work load sufferers.

ü  Post menopause women.

ü  Patients not willing to undergo angioplasty, stent, bypass like invasive procedures for any reason.

ü  High risk patients and those with Metabolic syndrome.

ü  Patients who in the past have undergone angioplasty, stent or bypass to prevent reoccurrence of symptoms and attack.

ü  Patients suffering from blockages in blood vessels, atherosclerosis patients, DVT, PAD patients.

ü  Persons suffering from thrombotic blockages leading to stroke, paralysis.

ü  Treatment of 100 days has shown positive changes in over 80% patients.

ü  Most, (80%) patients can avoid angioplasty, stent or bypass invasive procedures.

ü  Cost of SHARP SUVED is most cost effective, almost 25 to 30 % of Conventional treatment cost.

ü  Treatment can be taken at home.

ü  Symptoms like breathlessness, pain and discomfort in chest, restlessness, palpitations reduce to stop.

ü  Patients who could not walk few steps, can comfortably walk 4 t 5 Km within 3 months of treatment.

ü  Myocardial perfusion or blood supply to the heart improves and is seen with tests like ECG, stress Test, EF, LVEF, Thallium Stress scan. Reduction in blocks are indicated.

ü  Patients who opt for angioplasty can safely take SHARP-SUVED.

ü  Critical patients should consult with our doctors. Medication can be sent by courier to patient.

ü  No detrimental side effects have been reported by patients taking SHARP-SUVED.

REIMMUGEN: Natural Immunoglobulins and Growth Factors from Reimmugen  (Cow Colostrum)

Reimmugen Cow Colostrum is a very high quality product and is testified with Quality standards like US FDA, HALAL, SGS certification, KO, GMP-NNfA certificates of world class acceptance.

Latest technology has been used in harnessing the Cow Colostrum in Reimmugen. Cold dry processing technique is used to retain maximum medicinal ingredients of the powder. The highest quality and potency of Cow Colostrum is only available in SHARP's Reimmugen.

·         Regulates hormones during growth.

·         Improves and promotes immunity.

·         Improves digestion process.

·         Improves performance of all metabolic systems.

·         Protects and fights attack of virus, bacteria, fungus.

·         Improves the strength and promotes growth of blood vessels, muscles, bones.

·         Is an excellent natural food and medicament in aged persons, weak patients and persons recovering from any surgery/ accident/ disease.

·         Energizer and health support at every stage for women.

·         Anti aging formula.

·         Most beneficial for patients of Diabetes, arthritis, cancer, ulcers, skin disease, allergies, heart attack, injury etc.

·         Protection from childhood diseases like common infections, poor body weight, skinny structure, frequent digestive disorders, slow growth of height etc.

·         Protection from infection and early recovery in cases of open injuries, surgery.

·         Prevention and recovery from bed sores.