1.    What Patients have to say:

Dr. V.S.Yadkikar    MS (Gen. Surgery), MS (Ortho)

I am having coronary heart disease with Diabetes and Hypertension since 27 yrs.

  Angioplasty stenting  for coronary artery block 3 yrs ago with standard medical protocol did not give symptom relief. Transient ischaemia , coronary insufficiency ,chest pain, breathless mild to severe and fatigue continued even after 6 months  of medication. 

I accepted SHARP - SUVED Protocol out of frustration.

Now  even after 2 yrs of stopping treatment , the symptoms like transient ischemic pain, mild to severe breathlessness and early fatigue have totally disappeared. I am fully functional as normal as before. My reports of 2 D echo and Biochemistry Lipid Profile  remained nearly normal.

I feel energetic and enthusiastic whole day & walking for 5 to 6 K.M. done with speed is symptom less.

June 7, 2010)


2.    What Doctor’s have to say:


Padma Vibhushan Dr B M Hegde :

MD, FRCP(Lond.), FRCP(Edin.), FRCP(Glas.), FRCP(Dub.), FACC(U.S.A.), FAMS: Ex MD, FRCP(Lond.), FRCP(Edin.), FRCP(Glas.), FRCP(Dub.), FACC(U.S.A.), FAM:

Vice Chancellor, Manipal Deemed University

has been our guide and inspiration to stay on the path of Scientific research with our products and approach in Health Care: in his words:

“Dear Vinod,


You ARE a doer.

I am proud of your achievements. The world of poor patients needs some one like you to help them to get back their lost health through authentic but inexpensive methods rather than go for transplants, bypasses and what have you, which only go to make the establishments filthy rich at the cost of the suffering humanity.

May God be with you. I wish you well


Bm Hegde”