About Us

About Us

Sharp Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pioneering Marketing Company

SWSPL has brought a revolution in Direct Marketing making the rules of the Industry simpler, transparent and easily achievale : understanding the demand and necessity of the common man.
Sharp Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. flagship products, SUVED and Reimmugen have won many National and International awards. The salutions for these go to the Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Vinod marathe and his team for their scientific approach and relentless efforts to achieve the best of quality and acceptability in products, patient care and services.


In modern times, the patient is self educated through the expanse of information available freely on the internet, bookd and magazines and self help group all over the world.



Business Plan

Business Plan

Sharp Wellness Solutions present 8 ways to create wealth. Make your dreams come true.

Joining the Business Pre-enrolment is free.

Distributor Activation Package

Option 1: Heart and Vascular Care package .

Option 2 : Immunity & Rejuvenation Care package.

As a distributor, start earning from Business marketing benefits



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